Ship Management

DTA Ship Trading LLC, an in-house ship management arm of DTA group strives for operational excellence by providing safe and cost effective management of the ships. While many companies in this industry rely on third party managers, DTA Ship Trading LLC remains dynamically integrated in every facet of its business. We take challenges as opportunities and oversee all aspects of vessel interests, including reactivation and parts procurement, dry docking, employment of on-ship crew, training adherence to ISO compliant safety standards, vessel maintenance, insurance procurement and claims handling, inspections, and ensuring compliance with flag, class and other statutory requirements.

DTA Ship Trading LLC is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international shipping operations.

DTA’s Ship Management Operations are managed out of Dubai and the team comprises of experienced professionals and specialists. Its services are also available for third party management, particularly to dry bulk sector. The members of the Management team include Mr. Syed Mohammad Azhar, who is a Marine Engineer from UK with 28 years of experience both on ships and on shore. He worked as Chief Engineer on Tankers and Bulk Carriers with reputed companies like Scinicariello Ship Management and also as Ship Construction Engineer.

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