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DTA Ship Agency LLC, is a leading Shipping Agent based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a dynamic and experienced team. We are a professional and dedicated service oriented company and our goal is to fulfill the complete requirement for all our clients based in and around the world. The agency is headed by a Master Mariner who has sailed for over 21 years at sea and has over 10 years experience heading shipping agencies within this region. With this kind of experience he understands the duties as ship agents and how to protect the interests of our principals. Our professional, experienced and qualified operations staff is trained to have a proactive and forward thinking approach. This ensures that potential problems are anticipated and acted upon before they can escalate
The success of our growth is our commitment and dedicated team work

Hub Agency Services

DTA Ship Agency LLC provides agency services within UAE and through its network of sub-agents in the Persian Gulf region controlled through the head office in Dubai acting as Hub and single point of contact.

Financial Advantages:

The Hub Office in Dubai handles all aspects of Disbursement Account management, from verification of Proforma Disbursement Accounts (PDA) from performing agents, through funding of agents to validation of Final Disbursement Accounts (FDA), with monitoring of variances and controlling that only valid expense items are included. We ensure that the process of management of DA is fully transparent and principals can monitor the evolving port costs, from PDA through to FDA.
This ensures that principals have a single-point of remittance for port costs, saving remittance and courier costs and freeing up resources in the principal’s own organization. This enables the principal to have one off-setting entry in its books, replacing hundreds or thousands of entries made to track advances to agents against individual agents’ accounts.

Operational Advantages:

At The Hub Office, the experienced hub staff creates value for the principal throughout the port call process. PDAs from performing agents are scrutinized to ensure that costs are competitive. If costs are not competitive, the hub engages in a negotiation with the performing agent to secure the best costs for the principal.
Operational hub oversees that the principal’s instructions to agents are adhered to and met at every step, and closely monitor the operational performance of the performing agents.

Minimizing Turnaround Time:

To ensure a fast and efficient response to any request from our customers, our staff works in dedicated teams consisting of an appropriate mixture of local and international staff to ensure all our principals' needs are met. Our Port Agency teams are on hand 24 hours a day every day to ensure quick, accurate and effective communication with our principals. Together with a thorough understanding of local laws and practices, our aim is to ensure vessels spend the minimum amount of time in port.

Sharing Local Knowledge:

To help customers not only with their current operations but also with future planning, DTA Ship Agency LLC provides local market and operational intelligence such as line-ups, new port developments and availability of storage facilities at the port.

Cost Effective Operations:

At DTA Ship Agency LLC, we provide the services required in the most cost-effective manner without compromising the safety of personnel, equipment and environment

Services provided:

DTA Ship Agency is committed to providing seamless services for its clients including:

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